Graphic Design

Using the latest in the advanced line of products from Adobe such as Photoshop, and Illustrator coupled with over ten years design experience I am able to provide a professional quality product that will set your project apart from the crowd.

I use absolutely no clip-art, templates or cheap imitations in my work and everything is customized to meet your specific needs whether it be a design as small as a business card or something as large as a billboard. My goal for each client is to have their customers stop and look again.


Graphic Design Services Include:

Business Card Design

The business card is often the very first point of contact  potential customer will have with your business, yet sadly enough this is one of the most overlooked areas when it comes to “good design.”

Standard size cards, and any number of custom options are available such as rounded corners, plastic cards etc.

Logo Design

A solid logo is crucial when it comes to brand recognition. Think of companies like FedEx, Nike, or eBay and surely the first thing that pops in your head is their logo. Having a mark that people see over and over again will build necessary awareness of your brand.

All logos are professionally created in Vector format to ensure maximum quality regardless of the application.

Apparel Design

Do you run a clothing company or just need a great apparel design for a church or family get together? This is one of my favorite types of design and something that I’ve done quite extensively since forming my apparel company Sweet Tea Junkie in late  2005.


Advertising Design

Looking for advertising that will stand out regardless of intended use? Whether it be magazine, a billboard, web banners, direct mail pieces or any other form of print or web advertising I will work with you to create something unique that draws attention to the piece.

Image Editing & Retouching

The difference in a properly edited photograph and one that comes directly from the camera can be huge unless of course you are using a camera that costs in the thousands of dollars. Make your memories stand out, and be something that you are proud to share with professional quality image editing and retouching.